December 21, 2020

Release notes and fixed issues

December 21, 2020

New features

  • Added support for re-configuring ML workspaces:
    • Autoscaling Group (ASG) limits
    • Authorized IP ranges for k8s api server
    • Load Balancer Source Ranges and allowed list
  • AWS and Azure instance types expanded - Support for additional AWS and Azure instance types

Fixed issues

  • DSE-13904 - Fixed an issue where CML workspace installation may take up to 10 minutes longer when the Autoscaling Group minimum is set to 0.
  • DSE-13898 - Updated TGT image to fix an issue so that the freeIPA HA release retries on failure.
  • CDPSDX-2673 - Added a Retry step to the login context to reduce the chance of PRE_AUTH failures.