Backing up workspace

The Azure Back-Up Workspace feature is under entitlement. To enable Back Up Workspace for Azure, you must use the entitlement ML_ENABLE_BACKUP_RESTORE. If you have the entitlement, the “Backup Catalog” is visible in the UI. Contact your account manager if you don’t have the required entitlement.

Azure Back-Up has the following prerequisites:
  • You must have an Azure resource group “cml-snapshots-<azure region>” preconfigured. Otherwise, the backup operation will throw preflight validation errors. For example, if your ML workspace is in the ‘westus2’ region, the resource group should be named “cml-snapshots-westus2”.
  1. To create a backup of the Azure workspace, enter the following commands:
    $  cdpcp-account-helper % cdp ml backup-workspace --workspace-crn 
                        --backup-name azure-test-backup --profile dev
  2. Be sure to note the backup CRN that CDPCLI returns:
        "backupCrn": "crn:cdp:ml:us-west-1:9d74eee4-1cad-45d7-b645-7ccf9edbb73d:workspace_backup:bfc57661-0eb6-4a59-bcb9-ef793740558a"
  3. Wait for the backup to be in a ready state, before proceeding further
  4. Bring up the original number of replicas (for example, 3) in order to make the original workspace functional.
    kubectl scale deployment/web -n mlx --replicas=3
At this point, you have the corresponding Azure disks and NFS backed up to be restored into a new workspace.