May 5, 2020

Release notes and fixed issues

  • General Availability of Production ML features - including:
    • Model Metrics and Monitoring
    • Model Technical Metrics
    • Model Governance
    • CLI for Models
    • Model API Key for securing Models
  • CML on Azure Updates
    • Custom GPUs are now supported.
    • Availability Zones are no longer required to provision an ML Workspace.
  • Enable Monitoring - Monitoring can be enabled when provisioning ML workspaces by CLI.

Fixed issues

  • DSE-10631 - Fixed Default Quota initialization issue.
  • DSE-10441 - Fixed a bug where NFS input field is not marked as a required field on the Provision Workspace page.
  • DSE-10399 - Fixed a UI bug on the CML Models pages on Firefox.
  • DSE-8836 - Fixed a bug where Jobs & Applications usage are not metered correctly.
  • DSE-8779 - Fixed tooltip typo on UI which mixed up CML and CDSW.
  • DSE-7944 - Upgraded Kubernetes to defend against CVE 2019-11253.