February 10, 2022

Release notes and fixed issues

New Features / Improvements

  • ML Discovery and Exploration - Data Connections and Snippets are now Generally Available. CML workspaces now automatically discover data connections within the CDP environment and offer connection snippets for users. For more information, see ML Discovery and Exploration.
  • ML Runtimes - You can now filter the list of ML Runtimes that can be used in a given project.
  • Model Technical Metrics visualization is now available in CML (Technical Preview).
  • API v2 - You can now specify an input data example when you create a model build.
  • Backup and Restore - CLI-based Backup and Restore of CML workspaces is now available as a Preview Feature. AWS only.
  • Kubernetes - Kubernetes 1.21 is now supported on Azure.

Fixed Issues

  • API v2 (DSE-18782) - You can change the Runtimes and Spark versions (specified via the runtime addon setting) associated with a job, by using the Update Job API endpoint.