February 7, 2023

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.36.

New Features / Improvements

  • Custom Runtime Addons - This feature enables administrators to mount shared dependencies like connection drivers or configuration files to all CML workloads. You can start by following the documentation.
  • Cancellable CML Workspace Backup - Administrators now can cancel in-progress backups and resume the CML Workspace.
  • AWS Support - The AWS Jakarta and Hong Kong regions are now supported.
  • Kubernetes - EKS 1.23 (AWS) and AKS 1.24 (Azure) are now supported.

Fixed Issues

  • Applications (DSE-22857) - Fixed an issue where unauthenticated users could access the terminal session in a running public application if the application was configured to allow anonymous access to the terminal endpoint. Now anonymous access to the terminal endpoint is redirected to an authentication page.
  • Applications (DSE-24105) - Fixed an issue where the Application List page may not load correctly when there are a large amount of Applications accessible by the user.