November 23, 2020

Release notes and fixed issues

New features

  • Updated Projects Dashboard - Upon logging in to CML, users have a new streamlined page to be able to access their Projects. Projects can be displayed in a Summary card-based view for direct access, or in a Detail table-based view to be able to jump directly to different workloads (Sessions, Experiments, Models, etc) within a particular Project. In addition, the Resource Usage Details can be displayed or hidden as needed.
  • Scaling Workers on Azure - On Azure, the number of worker nodes can now be scaled to zero when the workspace is idle.
  • ML Runtimes - As an alternative to the existing Engines in CML, ML Runtimes are more lightweight than the current monolithic Engines. By specifying the desired Editor, Kernel, Edition, and Version, a streamlined Runtime will be used to run the user’s code in Sessions, Jobs, Experiments, Models, or Applications.
  • Asynchronous Project Creation - New Project creation, in particular via Git or forking from an existing project, now executes in the background so that the user does not have to wait.
  • Sessions List Export - The date format on the Sessions List Export has been updated to include the complete date plus hours, minutes, seconds and a decimal fraction of a second.
  • Custom root volume size - The root volume size of CML workspaces can now be specified on the Provision Workspace UI. Also, the default root volume size of CML workspaces on AWS has been increased from 40 GiB to 96 GiB.

Fixed issues

  • DSE-13246 - Fixed an issue where cdswctl version always returns "unknown".
  • DSE-11685 - The Export PDF function is improved and will display charts, tables, and maps. However, some content still might not display well, such as tables with many columns and dynamic content, video, or iframe content containing dynamic content.