March 16, 2020

Release notes and fixed issues

  • Cloudera Machine Learning on Azure - Cloudera Machine Learning workspaces can now be created in environments hosted in Azure. See the documentation for information on Azure network planning, limitations, and setup.
  • Base Engine v11 - This release adds Hive Warehouse Connector (HWC) to the base engine (11-cml1.4-hwc-v1). Additionally, the base engine now has the ability to connect to DWX. No changes are made to the included library versions.
  • Navigation improvement - Cloudera Machine Learning users can click the nine-dot icon to navigate to the Cloudera Manager console.
  • Changing user names and addresses - In Cloudera Machine Learning instances where user authentication is performed through single sign-on (SSO), users cannot change their names and addresses in CML workspaces.
  • Jupyter enabled by default - Fixed an issue where Jupyter was not enabled by default in the default base engine.

Fixed Issues

  • DSE-8791 - Fixed an issue where Job or Model containers might not start or restart correctly.
  • DSE-9264 - Fixed an issue where the Regenerate Access Key button on the Model Settings page does not work for non-admin users.