May 31, 2022

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.30.

New Features / Improvements

  • ML Discovery and Exploration, SQL and Visualization (GA) - This feature enables Data Scientists to understand their data using a SQL editor and drag-and-drop Visual Dashboards within CML. Users can start with their pre-configured Data Connections and create Datasets that they can rely on for model development. For more information, see ML Discovery and Exploration.
  • CML Endpoint Stability - This feature adds the ability for CML admin to define the prefix for the URL for the CML Workspace. This enables a new CML Workspace to be created and leverage the endpoint of a previously deleted CML Workspace. This ensures that deployed models and applications deployed in the new Workspace will have the same endpoint as the same models and applications deployed in the old Workspace. For more information, see CML Static Subdomain in Provisioning ML Workspaces.
  • Add/Delete GPU Nodes - This feature enables MLAdmins to reconfigure CML Workspaces by adding or removing GPU Worker groups for existing deployments.