Creating a Model Registry on an Azure UDR Private Cluster

Use the following template CDP CLI command to create a UDR private cluster on Azure with a Model Registry.

You must replace the following template items with your own information.

  • <environment CRN>
  • <environment name> (in two places)
  • <existing NFS name>
  • <subnet>

Model registries are also supported on Azure private clusters with UDR. For more information about UDR, see the Preview Feature documentation.

If you have not yet downloaded the CDP CLI tool, see the documentation.

The required CDP CLI version is version 0.9.93 or higher.

CDP CLI command to create a Model Registry

This CDP CLI command performs has three key sections:

  1. Enables support for private clusters in Azure ( "privateCluster": true, )
  2. Enables UDR for the private cluster ("outboundTypes": ["OUTBOUND_TYPE_UDR"],)
  3. Specifies the subnet for the UDR-enabled private cluster ("subnets")
cdp ml create-model-registry --cli-input-json '{
  "environmentCrn": "<environment CRN>",
  "environmentName": "<environment name>",
  "createWorkspacePayload": {
      "environmentName": "<environment name>",
      "workspaceName": "modelregistry",
      "privateCluster": true, # This setting enables the support for private cluster in azure.
      "outboundTypes": ["OUTBOUND_TYPE_UDR"], # Required for enabling UDR.
      "skipValidation": true,
      "disableTLS": false,
      "disableSSO": false,
      "existingNFS": "<existing NFS name>",
      "nfsVersion": "3",
      "xEntitlements": [
    "provisionK8sRequest": {
      "environmentName": "<environment name>",
      "network": {
        "topology": {
          "subnets": [
            "<subnet>" # subnet with a default route configuration to forward the traffic to the network
appliance or firewall. This is required to enable UDR.
      "instanceGroups": [{
        "autoscaling": {
            "minInstances": 1,
            "maxInstances": 5
          "instanceType": "Standard_DS5_v2",
          "rootVolume": {
            "size": 256
}' --profile eu-stage