Custom Data Connection Development

Custom data connections can be developed from within CML Workbench and Python Sessions using the CML Python Data Library and implementing the CML Custom Connection Interface.

You can view CustomConnection interface help descriptions within in a session:

import cml.data_v1 as cmldata

Alternatively, you can inspect the source content as follows:

import cml.data_v1 as cmldata
import inspect

Your custom connection code must implement the CustomConnection interface for the cml.data_v1 library to load your module dynamically (see Loading custom connections)

Two functions are already implemented so that the CML Python Data Library can dynamically load your Python module implementation and make custom parameters available in self.parameters. In most cases, you will not need to reimplement these:

  1. __init__(self, properties)
  2. update_properties(self, properties)

The rest of the interface functions are included as common functions that you may want to implement.

  1. get_base_connection(self)
  2. get_pandas_dataframe(self, query)
  3. get_cursor(self)
  4. print_usage(self)
  5. override_parameters(self)

See Developing and testing your first custom connection for a simple example of how to implement these.