August 31, 2023

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.40-b157.

Fixed Issues

  • AWS : Non-Transparent Proxy Support

    Fixed issues with supporting non-transparent proxy related to web pod connectivity to control plane, image-puller, pod to pod connectivity and api pods missing configuration.

  • Upgrades
    • Fixed an issue where workspace upgrade fails due to not deleting orphan pods.
    • Fixed an issue where workspace upgrade fails due to incorrect error handling.
  • Fixed an issue where the Team Sync tab was disabled.
  • Azure
    • Added a preflight check when creating NTP clusters: Azure does not support NTP.
    • The NCv2 series is no longer supported due to its upcoming end of support on September 6, 2023. See TSB-692 for details. The default GPU for creating Azure workspaces will now be the Standard_NC6s_v3. This new GPU offers nearly identical configurations to the previous default GPU. If you are currently using NCv2 series GPUs, it is recommended to make the necessary adjustments before the end of support date.