December 16, 2020

The 1.1 release of the CDP Private Cloud Management Console service provides the following new features:

Support for Red Hat OpenShift version 4.5
This release of CDP Private Cloud now supports Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform version 4.5.x or later.

For more information, see OpenShift Container Platform requirements.

Viewing the Platform Management Dashboard
You can get insights into the resource utilization and health of the CDP Private Cloud Management Console components and the active environments through the new Dashboard page.

For more information, see Management Console Dashboard.

Updating TLS certificates
You can now update TLS certificates that the Management Console uses for secure connections with an external database, an external vault, and the Cloudera Manager associated with the CDP Private Cloud base cluster.
Support for OpenLDAP
In addition to authenticating users through Microsoft Active Directory LDAP, you can now use OpenLDAP for authenticating users.

For more information, see User Management.

Importing users in bulk
You can now perform a bulk import of users to CDP Private Cloud and assign them rights and roles. This improves the experience from the previous version where each user was required to log in at least once before access rights could be configured.

For more information, see Importing or uploading users.