Enabling admin and user access to classic clusters

In order to grant admin and user access to a classic cluster, you should assign the required roles.

Consider the following when granting access to admins and users of your classic clusters:

  • You need to be a ClassicClustersCreator in order to register classic clusters.
  • The user who registers a classic cluster gets the Owner role for that classic cluster.
  • Once a classic cluster is registered, the following roles can be assigned to a user or a group on that cluster:
  • Owner - Grants all permissions on the classic cluster in CDP including the ability to delete them. It does not grant any cluster-level access (such as Cloudera Manager access).
  • ClassicClusterAdmin - Grants permission to perform any operation on the cluster, except deleting it. Grants permission to assign access to the cluster to other users.
  • ClassicClusterUser - Grants permission to access details of the classic cluster.

The roles are described in detail in Resource roles. The steps for assigning the roles are described in Assigning resource roles to users and Assigning resource roles to groups.