Upgrading a Data Lake

If a new CM or CDP build is available for the Data Lake, you can initiate an upgrade from the Management Console. An OS upgrade may also be available.

For maintenance and OS upgrades, it is not required that you destroy/recreate any Data Hubs attached to the Data Lake cluster. Any Data Hubs or Experiences that are not stopped will error out during the upgrade process.
  1. From the Management Console, click Data Lakes > <Environment Name> > Upgrade.
  2. Click the Target Cloudera Runtime Version drop-down menu to see any available upgrades for a given Runtime version.
    If a new build is available for the selected version, the UI displays the current and target versions and build numbers. If only an OS upgrade is available, the UI displays “(OS upgrade only).”
  3. Click Upgrade to initiate the upgrade.
  4. Click the Event History tab to monitor the upgrade process and verify that it completes successfully.
    If the upgrade fails for any reason, you can restore the Data Lake from the backup that was created.
Restart any Data Hubs, Experiences and any stopped Virtual Warehouses.