Show FreeIPA instance status

To see the status of each FreeIPA instance in an environment and determine which one(s) need to be repaired, run the CDP CLI get-freeipa-status command.


The host and status of the FreeIPA instances is displayed in the environment's FreeIPA > Nodes tab in the Management Console. If FreeIPA HA is enabled, tab will show status for all hosts:

The status shows the general health of the system and the cloud-provider ID of the host. If shown, the ID links to the cloud-provider's page for the host. A full list of status options can be found in FreeIPA instance status options.

Run the FreeIPA status command. Run this command from a computer that has network access to the FreeIPA hosts
cdp environments get-freeipa-status --environment-name <value>
                      [--cli-input-json <value>]
where the options are the following:
Option Description
--environment-name <value> Specifies the FreeIPA's environment name or CRN. The environment CRN is listed in Environment > Summary > General.
This command can take 15 to 45 seconds to run as it gathers information in real-time. The output of the status command provides the status for each FreeIPA node associated with the environment (in JSON format):
    "environmentCrn": "crn:cdp:environments:us-west-1:12a0079b-1591-dd33-b721-a446bda74e67:environment:36853fcc-2fef-4094-834c-557b4aea34ee",
    "environmentName": "finance-reporting-set4",
    "status": "AVAILABLE",
    "instances": {
        "i-078ba50f9feb6638f": {
            "hostname": "",
            "status": "CREATED",
            "issues": []
        "i-09e8b54a343b33d2": {
            "hostname": "",
            "status": "CREATED",
            "issues": []
Element Data Type Description
environmentCrn string The CRN of the environment.
environmentName string The name of the environment.
status string The overall status of the FreeIPA cluster. The status values retrieved can reflect an earlier status form the cloud provider. For example, AWS may show the host as "Running," but the CDP CLI status command may show the status as "UNREACHABLE." When this occurs, it is a temporary status. Calling the CDP CLI status command again; eventually the status will change from "UNREACHABLE" to "CREATED," which is the CDP equivalent to AWS "Running." A full list of status values can be found in FreeIPA instance status options.
instances map Status of individual nodes in the FreeIPA cluster.
key string Each entry includes the cloud-provider ID for the host. The corresponding value includes the status and issues of an individual FreeIPA node.
hostname string The hostname of the IPA instance.
issues array A list of issues the node is having. If there are no issues, the content is a blank string.