FreeIPA instance status options

A full list of FreeIPA instance status options for UI and CLI. This information is displayed in the environment's Summary tab in the Management Console, or via the cdp environments get-freeipa-status command.

Scenario UI Status CLI Overall Status CLI Instance Status
Provisioning Blue "Requested", then blue "Create in progress" REQUESTED then


Provisioning failed Red "Create failed" CREATE_FAILED
Running and all nodes have good health Green "Running" AVAILABLE CREATED
Repairing Blue "Update requested", then blue "Update in progress" UPDATE_REQUESTED then UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS At the end the new instance is CREATED and

the old instance is TERMINATED

Repair Failed Orange "Unhealthy" UNHEALTHY
Starting Blue "Start in progress" START_IN_PROGRESS
Start Failed Red "Start failed" START_FAILED
Stopping Blue "Stop requested", then blue "Stop in progress" STOP_REQUESTED then


Stop Failed Red "Stop Failed" STOP_FAILED
Stopped Gray "Stopped" STOPPED STOPPED
Delete Failed Red "Termination failed" DELETE_FAILED
Deleting Red "Terminating" DELETE_IN_PROGRESS
Instance deleted on cloud provider’s side Orange "Unhealthy" UNHEALTHY DELETED_ON_PROVIDER_SIDE
All nodes deleted Red "Deleted on provider side" DELETED_ON_PROVIDER_SIDE DELETED_ON_PROVIDER_SIDE
Network connectivity lost to some nodes but not Orange "Unhealthy" UNHEALTHY UNREACHABLE
Network connectivity lost to all nodes Orange "Unreachable" UNREACHABLE UNREACHABLE
Some nodes stopped on cloud provider side but not all Orange "Unhealthy" UNHEALTHY STOPPED
All nodes stopped on cloud provider side Gray "Stopped" STOPPED STOPPED
Some nodes with running with health check failures Orange "Unhealthy" UNHEALTHY Bad nodes are UNHEALTHY
All nodes unhealthy Orange "Unhealthy" UNHEALTHY UNHEALTHY