Upgrading from CCMv1 to CCMv2

Upgrading from CCMv1 to CCMv2 is available for customers who created their environments with CCMv1. The upgrade requires no downtime. If your environment needs to be updated, you will see a notification printed in your environment details.

Both CCMv1 and CCMv2 provide the same functionality but version 2 is an improvement over version 1. CCMv2 is more efficient in communicating with the CDP Control Plane and has a smaller footprint on the customer network.

The differences between CCMv2 and CCMv1 are related to improving reliability and efficiency. These differences are as follows:

  • CCMv2 uses fewer agents (its agents are on FreeIPA nodes only), whereas CCMv1 has a larger footprint, with its agents running across not only on FreeIPA nodes but also on Data Lake and Data Hub nodes.

  • CCMv2 uses the HTTPS protocol while CCMv1 is based on the SSH protocol. The use of HTTPS makes CCMv2 much more customer firewall friendly; it uses standard outbound ports which are allowed in almost all customer networks.

  • Since CCMv2 uses HTTPS, it is more proxy-friendly. Customers can set up a proxy server such as Squid and inspect the underlying traffic to be more confident about the data that is being sent to the CDP Control Plane.

  • CCMv2 uses token authentication.

  • Newer Cloudera services, such as Machine Learning, Data Engineering, DataFlow, Data Warehouse, and others, only support CCMv2.

Before you begin

Prior to upgrading CCM, you should ensure that:

  1. You are using the latest FreeIPA image. To upgrade your FreeIPA, follow the steps described in Upgrade FreeIPA.

  2. You have the network configured so that CCMv2 endpoints are available. See ”Cloudera CCMv2” in the AWSAzureGCP outbound network access destinations.


  1. If your environment should be updated from CCMv1 to CCMv2, you will see a "Time to upgrade CCM version" notification similar to the following in your environment details:

  2. Upgrade CCM either via CDP web interface or CLI:

    1. CDP web interface: Navigate to the Management Console > Environments and click on the tile corresponding to a specific environment. Trigger the upgrade by clicking on the Upgrade button present on the UI element.

    2. CDP CLI: Use the following command:
      cdp environments upgrade-ccm --environment <ENV_NAME_OR_CRN>
  3. The status of your environment changes while the upgrade is pending. All environment components get upgraded (FreeIPA, Data Lake, and then Data Hubs). Check the event history to confirm that the upgrade has been completed. Once the upgrade has been completed, the status of the environment changes back to “Running”. If an error occurs during the process, CDP rolls back the upgrade and reverts the environment to CCMv1.