Cross-version support for Data Lake backup and restore

You can take a backup of a Data Lake that runs one version of Cloudera Runtime and restore the backup to a Data Lake running a different version of Runtime.

Cross-version backup and restore is supported for the following Data Lake versions:

Source (Backup) Data Lake Runtime Version Target (Restore) Data Lake Runtime Version Schema Upgrade Required?
7.2.12 7.2.15 Yes
7.2.12 7.2.16 Yes
7.2.14 7.2.15 No
7.2.14 7.2.16 Yes
7.2.15 7.2.16 Yes
7.2.15 7.2.17 Yes
7.2.16 7.2.17 No
7.2.16 7.2.18 Yes
7.2.17 7.2.18 Yes

For these Runtime versions, cross-version backup and restore is supported for all cloud providers and all Data Lake shapes.