April 27, 2021

The following updates were made:

CDP Public Cloud onboarding documentation was moved

The following publications were moved to the CDP Public Cloud library:
  • Getting Started in CDP Public Cloud
  • AWS/Azure/GCP Requirements
  • AWS/Azure/GCP Quick Starts
  • CDP Public Cloud Security Overview

This CDP Public Cloud library is accessible via the Get Started link on the https://docs.cloudera.com homepage or via the https://docs.cloudera.com/cdp-public-cloud/cloud/index.html link:

The documentation that was moved is available from the following links:

URL redirects were added temporarily; They will eventually be removed, so make sure to update your bookmarks.

This change was made in effort to make CDP Public Cloud onboarding documentation easier to find. The previous location of this content (in the Management Console library) was unintuitive to many users.

AWS/Azure/GCP planning documentation was consolidated

The AWS/Azure/GCP requirements content was consolidated in one place in the CDP Public Cloud library mentioned above.

To fix the error, you have three options:
  • Update the URL by replacing /management-console/cloud/environments-<cloud-provider>/ with /cdp-public-cloud/cloud/requirements-<cloud-provider>/, replacing <cloud-provider> with "aws", "azure", or "gcp". This works for the content that was moved, but not for topics that were consolidated into other documentation and removed.
  • On the https://docs.cloudera.com homepage, search the website for the content that moved. Search results will direct you to the correct location.
  • Navigate to one of the libraries linked above and find the content that you are looking for.

This change was made in effort to consolidate all documentation related to cloud provider requirements in one place. Previously, the documentation was scattered and users had to click on many links in order to find content.