Modify a credential

You can modify an existing credential if needed. You can modify all parameters except the credential name. This shows you how to modify a credential from the CDP web interface. There is currently no way to modify a credential from CDP CLI.

The modify credential option is meant for cases such as updating your application’s password in case it expired or changed.

If the credential that you are trying to modify is already attached to an environment, ensure that the modification that you are making still allows access to the resources, such as the data lake, running within that environment.

Steps - CDP web interface

  1. Log in to the CDP web interface.

  2. In the Management Console, navigate to Environments > Shared Resources > Credentials.

  3. Select the credential that you would like to modify and click on .

  4. Provide the new credential information. You must provide all required parameters, even if they are same as previously.

  5. Click on Save.

    This updates the credential across all the environments that are currently using it.

Steps - CDP CLI

If you would like to delete a credential from the CDP CLI, use cdp environments modify-credential.