Importing or uploading users

You can bulk import users so as to assign policies to users and groups without requiring the users to log in at least once.

Before you begin

  • Make sure the identity provider user ID matches with the NameId attribute value that is passed for the user in the SAML response using the associated SAML provider.
  • Cloudera has default limits in place with regard to how many users, machine users, and groups can be added per account. Review User and group limits and make sure that you do not exceed these limits.

Required role: PowerUser


  1. Sign in to the CDP console.

  2. From the CDP home page, click Management Console.

  3. Click User Management in the left navigation panel.

    The Users page displays the list of all CDP users.

  4. Click Actions.

  5. From the dropdown list that appears, click Upload Users.

    The Upload Users page appears.

  6. Select an identity provider from the dropdown list.

  7. Select an option for adding user details:

    • File Upload - If you want to upload a CSV file with the details of the users that you like to add.
    • Direct Input - Enter the user details in the format specified. Make sure you add the header row as specified in the sample.
  8. Click Next.

  9. In the Preview Users screen that appears, verify if all the details are uploaded or added accurately.

  10. Click Upload.

  11. Confirmation of success is shown. Click Finish.

You can view newly added users from the Users tab.