Showing Data Lake restore status

How to check the status of a Data Lake restore operation.

Check status of Data Lake restore

Use the following command to see the status of a Data Lake restore:
$ cdp datalake restore-datalake-status 
      --datalake-name <name> 
     [--cli-input-json <string>] 
where the options are the following:
Option Example Description
--datalake-name finance-dl This is the name of the Data Lake as configured in the CDP environment.
[--restore-id] f0da74a9-3b22-477a-b07c-cb69b211b81c ID for a specific restore, as reported in the output of the original restore command. If a restore ID is not specified, the command returns the status of the most recent restore operation.
--cli-input-json <string> Performs service operation based on the JSON string provided. The JSON string follows the format provided by --generate-cli-skeleton.

If other arguments are provided on the command line, the CLI values will override the JSON-provided values.

--generate-cli-skeleton Prints a sample JSON configuration file to standard output. If this argument is specified, only the template is produced: the list-backup command does not run.
For example:
$ cdp datalake restore-datalake-status
          --datalake-name finance-dl 
The output of the command shows the current status of the restore operation. Note the internal state shows the status of each separate backup operation. If any of the individual restore operations fail, the overall status is failed and the restoration is aborted. Note that the internal restore status lists operations for deleting the existing Solr collections in addition to the operations to restore the backed up collections.
    "accountId": "8y63idy3-2ygn-98h6-j630-7uie9renq93e",
    "restoreId": "f0da74a9-3b22-477a-b07c-cb69b211b81c",
    "backup-id": 415927d9-9f7d-4d42-8000-71630e5938ca",
    "userCrn": "crn:altus:iam:us-west-1:8y63idy3-2ygn-98h6-j630-7uie9renq93e:user:c87db52v-639m-613g-j94w-8hy944hn4i64",
    "status": "SUCCESSFUL",
    "startTIme": "2021-04-21 10:30:01.022"
    "endTIme": "2021-04-21 11:22:22.055"
    "backupName": "pre-upgrade0420"
    "failureReason": "null"