Creating a container in Azure

To set up audit archiving, you must designate a container for audit archiving in the Azure portal. While you can use an existing container, Cloudera recommends that you create a dedicated container for audit archiving.

Before you create a container, take note of the location property for the storage account at the top of the page in the Storage Account overview section. You will use this later as the storageRegion value when you configure archiving using the CDP CLI or UI.
  1. Navigate to your newly created storage account resource and click the Containers button:
  2. In the next screen, click the + Container button, then enter a name for the container and the default Private access level.
    You will use the container name when you create a new service principal in Azure.
    Alternatively, you can create a new container using the Azure shell by running the following command:
    az storage container create --name <container-name> --account-name <storage-account-name>
  3. Obtain the URL for the newly created container.
    To retrieve the URL, open the container and click the Properties link in the left navigation bar under Settings. Copy the URL shown. You will need this value when you configure audit archiving as the value for the storage location URL. The format is: https://<storage-account-name>{{}}