March 25, 2021

This release of the Management Console service introduces the following changes:

Cloudera Runtime 7.2.8

Cloudera Runtime 7.2.8 is now available and can be used for registering an environment with a 7.2.8 Data Lake and creating Data Hub clusters. See Cloudera Runtime. For all supported CDP Public Cloud Runtime versions, see Supported Cloudera Runtime and Cloudera Manager versions.

Medium duty Data Lake for AWS

The medium duty Data Lake configuration is now available for AWS. Light duty is still used by default, but you can change this when registering an environment from CDP user interface or when creating a Data Lake from CDP CLI using the --scale MEDIUM_DUTY_HA option. For information about available configurations, see Data Lake scale.

New supported AWS regions

The eu-south-1 (Europe - Milan) and af-south-1 (Africa - Cape Town) regions are now available as technical preview for creating Data Hub clusters. See updated Supported AWS regions.

Cluster definitions location

Cluster definitions that can be used with a given environment are now listed in the details of that environment. To view them navigate your environment and access the Cluster Definitions tab.