CDP workload user

You need the workload username to access Data Hub clusters and non-SSO interfaces, and to SSH to clusters.

CDP assigns workload username to all CDP users when the user is created in CDP. The workload username is generated from either the identity provider user ID (default) or the email (configurable via Generate workload usernames). If a workload user name already exists in CDP, which can occur when multiple identity providers are mapped, the workload username will contain a numeric suffix. Workload usernames are immutable - once set they never change.

To identify your workload username, navigate to Home > in the bottom left corner click on your user name > Profile > Workload User Name.

Alternatively, you can obtain your workload username by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to the CDP web interface.
  2. From the CDP home page, click Management Console.
  3. Click User Management in the left navigation panel. The Users page displays the list of all CDP users.
  4. Search for your username.
  5. In the list of users that appears, you can see the Workload User Name column. Your workload username will appear under this column.

    You can set your workload password to get access to non-SSO interfaces.