Managing SSH keys

A Power User can add and delete SSH keys for all users including machine users, and users can add and delete their own SSH keys. Once these SSH keys are uploaded and synced, they can be used to access workload cluster nodes. RSA or ED25519 keys are supported.

Steps - CDP UI

1. To add/delete an SSH keys via CDP web interface, navigate to the Management Console > User Management > Users > search for a user name > click on a user name > SSH Keys.

  • To add an SSH key, click on Add SSH key, then provide a description, paste your SSH public key and click Save.
  • To delete click on Delete next to the SSH key that you would like to delete and then click Yes to confirm.

Once the SSH public SSH key is added and synced, the user to which the key is assigned can use a matching private SSH key to access workload cluster nodes.

Steps - CDP CLI

You can manage SSH keys by using the following CDP CLI commands:

cdp iam addSshPublicKey
cdp iam listSshPublicKeys
cdp iam describeSshPublicKey
cdp iam deleteSshPublicKey

What to do next: You need to perform user sync for the change to take effect. See Performing user sync.