Updating an identity provider

You can update the group synchronization option and the provider metadata in a CDP identity provider. To update an identity provider in CDP, you must be a CDP account administrator or have the PowerUser role.

You might want to update the CDP identity provider to change the group synchronization option or if you want to update the list of x.509 certificates in the provider metadata.

To update the CDP identity provider:

  1. Sign in to the CDP console.
  2. From the CDP home page, click Management Console.
  3. In the User Management section of the side navigation panel, click Identity Providers.
  4. Go to the name of the CDP identity provider you want to update and click the Actions button.
  5. Select Update Identity Provider.
  6. On the Identity Provider window, you can change the Sync Groups on Login option and the provider metadata. You cannot change the name of the CDP identity provider.
  7. Verify the updates and click OK.

    CDP updates the information for the CDP identity provider.