Configuring audit archiving for Azure using the CLI

After you create a CDP credential, configure CDP for audit archiving on Azure.

Required Role: PowerUser
  1. Test the audit configuration by running the following command:
    cdp audit configure-archiving --profile <profile-name> --storage-location <storage-location-url> 
    --credential-name <credential-name> --enabled --storage-region <storage-region> --verify-only
    For the credential-name parameter, pass the CRN returned in the command output when you created the credential in the previous task.

    For the storage location, use the URL obtained from the Properties page of the container in the Azure Management Console. The format is: https://<storage-account-name><container-name>

    If successful, the command will archive a test audit event to the container.

  2. When the response to the previous command is successful, use the command again without the verify-only flag to set the audit archive configuration:
    cdp audit configure-archiving --storage-location <storage-location-URL> 
    --credential-name <credential-Name> --enabled --storage-region <storage-Region> --profile <profile-name>
Audit archive configuration is complete.