Resizing post-requisites

Complete the following tasks after you resize a Data Lake.

  1. If RAZ is not being used, resync the IDBroker mappings to the Data Lake.
  2. Reapply your custom Cloudera Manager configurations.
  3. Start the Data Catalogs and Virtual Warehouses. For each virtual warehouse, Cloudera recommends that you start, stop, and start again. This will completely refresh the Data Lake details for the virtual warehouse.
  4. Start the Data Hub cluster services if you stopped them before the resizing operation. Data Hubs that were stopped before the resizing operation should continue to work when the resizing completes, by communicating with the new Data Lake automatically when they are re-started.
  5. Resize up the FreeIPA cluster. See Resize FreeIPA.
  6. With CDF 2.1 or higher, the steps below are sufficient. For older CDF versions, you must re-create the impacted flows.
    1. An alert suggesting restart of the flow is triggered in the Data Flow service.
    2. Restart the Flows.
    3. After restart, the flows should start working with the resized Data Lake. Not all CDP Flows will be impacted by a resized Data Lake. Only those Flows that have a dependency on the Data Lake will be alerted.
  7. Resume the CML workspaces.