October 18, 2023

This release of the Management Console service introduces the following changes:

Elastic load balancer deletion protection on AWS

When Data Lakes and Data Hubs are created, CDP deploys load balancers on AWS for endpoint stability. With the release of this update, all newly created load balancers for Data Lakes and Data Hubs on AWS are configured with deletion protection enabled, provided that your cross-account policy has the required permissions.

Cloudera has updated the AWS cross-account policy definition with the additional elasticloadbalancing:ModifyLoadBalancerAttributes permission required to set and remove the load balancer deletion protection flag. If you would like to use this feature, please update your cross account policy on AWS by adding the elasticloadbalancing:ModifyLoadBalancerAttributes permission. If you are using the old policy definition, this new feature will not be available (that is, the deletion protection will not be set).