September 24, 2020

This release of the Management Console service introduces the following new features and behavioral changes:

New features

  • cdpcurl utility: The cdpcurl utility has been released to open source. This provides curl-like access to the Management Console API as another alternative to the CDP CLI.

Behavioral changes

  • The option to stop and restart a Data Lake was removed. You should stop and restart your whole environment instead, as described in Stop and restart an environment.
  • The option to delete a Data Lake was removed from the Actions menu on the environment details page. When deleting an environment from the CDP UI, you no longer need to delete the environment's Data Lake separately. See updated Delete an environment documentation.
  • The option to Check for Data Lake Upgrade was removed.
  • The options to Enable Workload Analytics and Enable Cluster Logs Collection were removed from the Actions menu on the environments details page. You can now control these options from the Management Console > Environments > Shared Resources > Telemetry (tenant-level setting), or you can set them during environment registration (environment-level setting). For updated instructions, see Enable workload analytics and cluster logs collection.
  • The option to Get FreeIPA certificate were removed from the environment's Actions menu and is now available from FreeIPA's Actions menu. To find the option, navigate to the Management Console > Environments > navigate to a specific environment > Summary > FreeIPA > Actions > Get FreeIPA certificate.

New documentation