Create a provisioning credential for Azure

Follow these steps to create an app-based provisioning credential for Azure. This can be done from the CDP web interface or CDP CLI.

Before you begin

Meet the prerequisites described in Prerequisites for the provisioning credential.

Required role: EnvironmentCreator


  1. Log in to the CDP web interface.

  2. From the CDP home screen, click the Management Console icon.
  3. In the Management Console, select Shared Resources > Credentials from the navigation pane.
  4. Click Create Credential.

  5. Select Azure to access credential options for Microsoft Azure.

  6. On the Configure credential page, provide the following parameters:

    Parameter Description
    Name Enter a name for your credential.
    Description (Optional) Enter a description.
    App based Login should be selected by default.
    Subscription Id Copy and paste the Subscription ID from your Subscriptions.
    Tenant Id Copy and paste your Tenant ID from your Active Directory > Properties.
    App Id Copy and paste the Application ID from your Azure Active Directory > App Registrations > your app registration’s Overview.
    Password This is your application key. You can generate it from your Azure Active Directory app registration’s Certificates & secrets.
  7. Click Create.

Use the cdp environments create-azure-credential command:
cdp environments create-azure-credential \
               --credential-name <CREDENTIAL_NAME> \
               --subscription-id <SUBSCRIPTION_ID> \
               --tenant-id <TENANT_ID> \
               --app-based applicationId=<APP_ID>,secretKey=<SECRET_KEY>
Now that you have created the credential, you can register it as part of an environment.