November 9, 2021

This release of the Management Console service introduces the following changes:

Cluster Connectivity Manager v2 (CCMv2)

CCMv2 replaces CCMv1. While CCMv1 establishes and uses a tunnel based on the SSH protocol, with CCMv2 the connection is via HTTPS. All new environments created with Runtime 7.2.6 or newer after enabling CCMv2 on your tenant use CCMv2. Existing environments and new environments created with Runtime older than 7.2.6 continue to use CCMv1. All newly registered classic clusters use CCMv2, but previously registered classic clusters continue to use CCMv1. If your CDP tenant has not been granted the CDP_CCM_V2 entitlement yet, it continues to use CCMv1.

The steps to register an environment with CCMv2 are similar to CCMv1 configuration steps. The main differences are:

  • If you are deploying in an environment with restricted outbound network access, port 443 needs to be open and new destinations need to be added to the allow list.
  • If you are registering a classic cluster, the steps have changed.

For more information, see Cluster Connectivity Manager.