June 24, 2021

This release of the Management Console service introduces the following changes:

FreeIPA backup location

During AWS, Azure, or GCP environment registration via CDP web interface or CDP CLI, you can optionally specify a separate cloud storage location (FreeIPA "Backup Location Base") for FreeIPA backups. If no separate location is specified, FreeIPA backups are stored in Logs Location Base. For more information, see:

FreeIPA HA enabled by default for new AWS and Azure environments

FreeIPA HA is now enabled for all newly created AWS and Azure environments in CDP. The number of nodes used for the FreeIPA server depends on the Data Lake scale selected: light duty uses 2 nodes and medium duty uses 3. The FreeIPA HA toggle button has been removed from the environment registration UI, but, if needed, it is possible to customize FreeIPA node count when registering an AWS or Azure environment via CDP CLI. For more information, see Managing FreeIPA.