June 28, 2023

This release of the Management Console service introduces the following changes:

Rolling Data Lake upgrades

With the release of Cloudera Runtime 7.2.17, you can now upgrade your Data Lake in a rolling manner. The rolling upgrade allows you to upgrade the Data Lake Runtime and OS without stopping attached Data Hubs or Data Services. This allows workloads to continue running during the Data Lake upgrade operation. See Rolling Data Lake Upgrades (Preview) for more information.

GCS fine-grained access control (Preview)

You can now register a CDP environment on GCP with RAZ enabled to use fine-grained access policies and audit capabilities available in Apache Ranger. See GCS Fine-Grained Access Control.

Cross-version compatibility for Data Lake backup and restore

You can take a backup of a Data Lake that runs one version of Cloudera Runtime and restore the backup to a Data Lake that runs a different version of Runtime. The backup version must be an earlier/lower version Runtime than the Data Lake that you are restoring to. Version limitations apply and a Ranger/HMS schema upgrade may be required. See Cross-version support for Data Lake backup and restore for more details.

Cross-version compatibility for Data Lakes and Data Hubs

Backward compatibility between Data Lakes and Data Hubs has been introduced with Cloudera Runtime 7.2.17. It is no longer required that you perform Data Hub upgrades in lock-step with the Data Lake upgrade. If your Data Hub is on Runtime version 7.2.16 or later, it is compatible with a Data Lake on a newer Runtime version (7.2.17+). You can independently upgrade your Data Hubs at a later time if you choose to, though it is not required.

AWS Middle East UAE region

You can now register a CDP environment and create Data Hubs in the AWS Middle East UAE region (me-central-1). See updated Supported AWS regions.

Data Lake upgrade validations for Python dependency

If you are planning to upgrade the Runtime version in your existing Data Lake clusters to 7.2.17 or higher versions, you may be required to perform an additional step before upgrading.

You can verify whether your cluster is impacted by navigating to the Upgrade tab of your Data Lake cluster. If there is a warning message about missing prerequisites on the Upgrade page, you need to perform an additional upgrade step before moving to the 7.2.17 Cloudera Runtime version. The required steps may be different depending on your current Runtime version. See Data Lake upgrade for more details.