Upgrading Data Hubs

You can perform a maintenance (or "hotfix") upgrade on certain Data Hub clusters.

Maintenance upgrades

The maintenance or “hotfix” upgrade process checks to see if a new Cloudera Runtime or Cloudera Manager hotfix is available, and then upgrades the Data Hub to the newest builds. Maintenance/hotfix upgrades do not upgrade to a new major/minor version of Runtime and CM; they only upgrade to the latest build of a hotfix version.

A maintenance upgrade can be conducted on a single Data Hub cluster in an environment, or multiple Data Hub clusters. You can perform a maintenance upgrade independent of a Data Lake upgrade.

When a maintenance upgrade is available, you will be able to select the target version (which is the same as the current version) for upgrade from the Upgrade tab at the bottom of the Data Hub details page. When you select the target version, note that the CM/CDP versions are the same, but the build numbers differ:

Maintenance upgrades are available for non-RAZ environments, from Runtime version 7.2.9 onward, for the following templates:

  • Data Engineering, Data Engineering HA, Data Engineering Spark 3
  • Operational Database
  • Streams Messaging


  • Data Hub upgrade with RAZ is not supported.

  • Cloudera Operational Database cannot be upgraded through the Data Hub user interface and must be upgraded through the CDP beta CLI. For more information see Upgrading Cloudera Operational Database.


  • There is required downtime of the environment during upgrades, so plan the upgrade accordingly.

  • Verify that any Experiences you use are running the latest version available.