Update a recipe

You can attach or detach recipes to/from existing Data Hub clusters. Using this capability, you can update a recipe by removing it from the cluster, replacing the old recipe with a modified recipe of the same type, and attaching the new modified recipe to the cluster.

Attaching or detaching a recipe will not execute the recipe. The next execution of the recipe will take place based on the type of the recipe. After an upscale, a newly attached recipe runs only on the new hosts.
Required role (one of the following):
  • PowerUser on CDP tenant
  • Owner of the environment
  • EnvironmentAdmin
  • Owner of the Data Hub
  • DataHubAdmin
  1. Create a new recipe (with updated/modified content) of the same type as the old recipe that you want to replace.
  2. Click Data Hub Clusters > <Cluster Name> > Recipes and find the recipe that you want to remove in the list of recipes for the cluster.
  3. Click Remove Recipe next to the name of the recipe that you want to remove, then click Yes in the confirmation window.
  4. Once you have removed the old recipe, click on the Add Recipe button for the cluster and select the same host group that you previously used for the old recipe. Then select the name of the new recipe that contains the modified content and click Add.
You should see the new recipe appear for the same host group. After this change, the next recipe execution will execute the new script.