Autoscaling FAQ

Review frequently asked questions about Data Hub autoscaling.

A node is not running any tasks, why is it not being scaled down?
There are multiple possibilities:
  • The cluster may already be at min-node-count.
  • Check if running on a Runtime version prior to 7.2.15, with max-capacity of queues not set to 100%.
  • Check user-limit-factor. Is this preventing YARN from executing additional tasks for a user?
  • Nodes that are not running containers, but have run containers for a running job, will not be considered for load-based downscaling. This is because the data generated on these nodes could be required while the job is running.
Will load-based autoscaling remove nodes that have running tasks?
Not unless the maximum node count limit is reduced. This forces the removal of certain nodes to reach the new limit.
I've encountered the following error: "Autoscaling Trigger Failed. Autoscaling Collection metrics via user <CRN> failed." How should I proceed?
For CDP accounts with a large number of users, autoscaling might encounter failures when capturing cluster metrics to scale up/down. If you encounter this issue please contact Cloudera Support.