Upgrading Cloudera Operational Database clusters

Cloudera Operational Database clusters cannot be upgraded through the Data Hub user interface. Instead, use the CDP Beta CLI to run the upgrade-database command.

For more information on CDP CLI beta commands, see the CDP CLI Beta command reference. For more information on rolling and non-rolling Cloudera Runtime upgrades for COD, see Performing a Cloudera Runtime upgrade in the COD documentation. For more information about rolling and non-rolling OS system upgrades for COD, see Performing a Cloudera operating system upgrade in the COD documentation.

Before you begin:
  • Download and install the latest CDP Beta CLI.
  • Required role: You must be logged into the COD as an ODAdmin.
  • To use COD on a GCP environment, you must do it through CDP CLI with --use-hdfs flag.
  • Understand CDP environment and user management. For more information, see the COD documentation topics User management in COD and CDP Environments topics.
  • In the Cloudera Manager properties, increase the omid_max_heap_size property for the Omid service to at least 3GB before starting the upgrade from 7.2.9/7.2.10 to 7.2.11:
This Beta CDP CLI command upgrades an operational database in an environment to a given Runtime:
cdp opdb upgrade-database --environment <environment-name> --database <database-name> --runtime <runtime-version> [--os-upgrade-only | --no-os-upgrade only]
Option Description
--environment (string) The name or CRN of the environment.
--database <value> The name or CRN of the database.
--runtime <value> The runtime version to upgrade to.
[--os-upgrade-only | --no-os-upgrade-only] Controls whether to perform only an Operating System upgrade.