Creating a cluster template override

From the Shared Resources menu, you can create a cluster template override to overwrite the default values of service and role configs in a Data Hub template.

  1. In the Management Console UI, Shared Resources > Cluster Template Overrides.
  2. Click Create Custom Override.
  3. Provide the following information:
    Property Description
    Name Provide a unique name for the override.
    Cloudera Runtime Version Select a specific Runtime version to which this override applies, or select “Not Runtime specific.”
    Service Config / Role Config Use the radio buttons to select whether you are customizing a service config or a role config.
    Config Name/Path Exact name/path of the config are you customizing.
    Config Value New value for the config. Ensure the value is valid.
    Service Type From the drop-down menu, select the service type for the service or role config that you are customizing.
    Role Type For role configurations: the role type as it appears in the cluster template that you will apply the override to (or any valid role configuration that is recognized by Cloudera Manager).

    For example:

  4. Click Add and then repeat the previous step (excluding the Name and Runtime Version) for each service or role config that you want to customize in this template override.
  5. When you are finished adding service and role configs to the template override, click Save. The override appears in the list of saved overrides, accessible from the Shared Resources menu.