Cluster template override CLI commands

You can use the CDP CLI to create cluster template overrides, manage the cluster template overrides, and provision a Data Hub cluster using a cluster template override.

Table 1. Cluster Template Override CLI
Command Description Example
cdp datahub create-custom-configurations Creates a new cluster template override shared resource with an indefinite amount of properties.
cdp datahub create-custom-configurations 
--custom-configurations-name "test-custom-configs" 
--runtime-version "7.2.8"
cdp datahub list-custom-configurations Lists all the cluster template overrides for the account.
cdp datahub describe-custom-configurations Returns the name, CRN, the properties, and the platform version associated with the cluster template override resource.
cdp datahub describe-custom-configurations
--custom-configurations "test-overrides"
cdp datahub delete-custom-configurations Deletes multiple custom configs given their names or CRNs.
cdp datahub delete-custom-configurations
–custom-configurations "test-override" "test-override-2" ...
cdp datahub create-aws-clustercdp datahub create-azure-clustercdp datahub create-gcp-cluster Launches a Data Hub cluster with custom configs from a cluster template override. The parameter for specifying a cluster template override is:--custom-configurations-name
cdp datahub create-aws-cluster
--cluster-name "de-dh1"
--environment-name "local-aws-env"
--cluster-template-name "7.2.8 - Data Engineering: Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache Oozie"
--cluster-definition-name "7.2.8 - Data Engineering for AWS"
--custom-configurations-name "test-override"