Troubleshooting upgrade

Use the information in this section to troubleshoot problems with Data Hub upgrades.

Root disk space

Service pack upgrades require a certain amount of root disk space. Runtime upgrades require downloading additional parcels, and hence more storage. When you begin an upgrade, CDP checks the available root disk space and issues a warning if there is insufficient root disk space for the upgrade:

If your instances do not have the free space required for an upgrade (CM: 27 GB, other instances: 20 GB), run the scripts below to increase the root volume of the cluster nodes.

Oozie Shared Library mismatch

If the upgraded cluster contains the Oozie service, it may appear as being in bad health after the upgrade due to an known issue with the Oozie server shared library. On the Oozie Shared Library Check page in Cloudera Manager, you will see an error similar to: “The Oozie Server build version and the Oozie Server shared library version do not match.”

To workaround this issue, follow the steps at the end of the Performing a service pack upgrade section to re-install the Oozie shared libraries and YARN MapReduce Framework JARs.

Upgrade fails due to active CM commands

Upgrade may fail if there are active CM commands running when an upgrade is triggered. If you receive the error message “There are active commands running on CM, upgrade is not possible. Active commands: ApiCommand[..., name: <cm command name>, ]”, then kill the active commands and retry the upgrade.

CM, Runtime, or other components are out-of-sync with CDP

When an upgrade fails, the versions of Cloudera Manager, Runtime, and other components may become out-of-sync with the CDP Management Console. Similarly, if you try to fix errors by installing parcels manually, it may not be reflected in the CDP Management Console.

To overcome the mismatch between versions reflected in the Management Console, run the cdp datahub sync-component-versions-from-cm CDP CLI command. This command reads the CM, Runtime, and other parcel versions (if applicable) from CM and updates the versions in the CDP Management Console. Using this command forces the CDP Management Console back in sync so that it shows the actual versions installed in CM.

Run the command as follows: cdp datahub sync-component-versions-from-cm --datahub-name <datahub name or CRN>