Streams Messaging clusters

Learn about the default Streams Messaging clusters, including cluster definition and template names, included services, and compatible Runtime version.

Streams Messaging provides advanced messaging and real-time processing on streaming data using Apache Kafka, centralized schema management using Schema Registry, as well as management and monitoring capabilities powered by Streams Messaging Manager, as well as cross-cluster Kafka topic replication using Streams Replication Manger and Kafka partition rebalancing with Cruise Control.

This template sets up a fault-tolerant standalone deployment of Apache Kafka and supporting Cloudera components (Schema Registry, Streams Messaging Manager, Streams Replication Manager and Cruise Control), which can be used for production Kafka workloads in the cloud or as a disaster recovery instance for on-premises. Kafka clusters.

Cluster definition names
  • Streams Messaging Heavy Duty for AWS

  • Streams Messaging Light Duty for AWS

  • Streams Messaging Heavy Duty for Azure

  • Streams Messaging Light Duty for Azure

  • Streams Messaging Heavy Duty for GCP

  • Streams Messaging Light Duty for GCP

Cluster template name
  • CDP - Streams Messaging Heavy Duty

  • CDP - Streams Messaging Light Duty

Included services
  • Kafka
  • Schema Registry
  • Streams Messaging Manager
  • Streams Replication Manager
  • Cruise Control
Compatible Runtime version
  • 7.1.0 (Preview)
  • 7.2.0
  • 7.2.1
  • 7.2.2
  • 7.2.6
  • 7.2.7
  • 7.2.8
  • 7.2.9
  • 7.2.10
  • 7.2.11
  • 7.2.12