Image catalog

The options on the "Image Settings" page of the advanced create cluster wizard allow you to select custom image settings.

By default, Data Hub uses the prewarmed image from the image catalog provided in Data Hub.

Choose image catalog

Data Hub uses the image catalog provided by default. If you would like to use a custom image catalog instead of the default image catalog, you must first prepare your custom images, then create and register an image catalog.

Choose image type

By default, Data Hub uses the included prewarmed images with the default Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Runtime version, but you can select a different prewarmed image or customized prewarmed image to use for your cluster. Data Hub currently supports the following types of images for launching clusters:

Image type Description Default images provided
Prewarmed Image By default, Data Hub launches clusters from prewarmed images. Prewarmed images include the operating system as well as Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Runtime. The Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Runtime version used on prewarmed images cannot be customized. Yes

Choose image

This option allows you to select a different image.