March 21, 2022

This release of the Management Console service introduces the following changes:

New classic cluster roles

As part of the new authorization model released in 2021, CDP introduces a new account role and resource roles related to classic clusters:

Roles Description
New account role ClassicClustersCreator This role is required to register a new classic cluster. If this role is not present then the “Add Cluster” button is not visible to the user.
New resource roles ClassicClusterAdmin


These roles can be assigned on the scope of a specific classic cluster.

For more information, see Enabling admin and user access to classic clusters.

Data Lake backup and restore options

New CLI options have been added to the Data Lake backup and restore feature. These options allow for explicitly including or skipping certain data during a backup and restore operation:
  • You can skip or include the backup/restore of the HMS and Ranger databases.
  • You can skip or include the HBase Atlas tables, and all Solr collections except ranger_audit.
  • You can skip or include the Solr ranger_audit collection.
For more information, see Configure backups for a Data Lake.