Management Console

The Management Console is an administrative service used by CDP administrators to manage environments, users, and CDP services.

The Management Console allows you to:

  • Configure SSO, manage users, and decide who can access which resources.
  • Register your existing on-prem Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop (CDH) or Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) clusters in order to burst your data to the cloud. In the CDP world, these clusters are called classic clusters.

  • Register your cloud provider environments (such as your AWS, Azure, or GCP account) in CDP and then launch Data Hub clusters, Data Warehouses, Machine Learning workspaces, Data Engineering and DataFlow clusters, and Operational Databases within these environments and determine which users have access to which resources. These clusters are attached to a Data Lake that runs within the environment and provides security and governance for all attached clusters.

  • Utilize services such as Data Catalog, Cloudera Observability, and Replication manager:
    • Data Catalog - A centralized management tool for searching, organizing, securing, and governing data across environments.
    • Cloudera Observability - A centralized management tool for analyzing and optimizing workloads within and across environments.
    • Replication Manager - A centralized management tool for replicating and migrating data and the associated metadata across environments.

The following diagram illustrated the functionality described above: