Monitoring activities and data

You can use CDP auditing, CloudTrail and S3 Storage Lens to monitor activities and events in the AWS S3 bucket.

CDP auditing

Server and audit logs can give a more detailed view of requests made to the AWS S3 bucket through CDP. The audit archiving can collect or log evidence of activities in a system. The audit and server logs are enabled by default from Cloudera Runtime 7.2.15. For more information, see the Enable AWS S3 Access logs for server side logging and the Auditing documentation in CDP Public Cloud.


CloudTrail is integrated with Amazon S3, providing a record of actions performed by a user, role or AWS service. The events are captured as a subset of API calls. CloudTrail can be enabled to log the events happening on the S3 data. For more information, see the Logging Amazon S3 API calls using AWS CloudTrail documentation.

S3 Storage Lens

S3 Storage Lens provides an overview of the data stored in S3 and activity trends. S3 Storage Lens can be used to have a brief summary of what the state of the data is in S3 for various buckets. For more information, see the S3 Storage Lens introduction.