December 19, 2019

This release of the Management Console service introduces the following new features:

Specifying multiple CIDRs on security groups

CDP supports specifying multiple comma-separated CIDRs during environment registration under Security Access Settings > Access CIDR.

Enabling workload analytics for Data Hub clusters

For each environment, you can manually enable and disable workload analytics so that diagnostic information about job and query execution is sent to Workload Manager for Data Hub clusters created within this environment. The option is available during environment creation under Logs Storage and Audits > Enable Workload Analytics. You can also update it once the environment is running by navigating to environment details > Actions > Enable/Disable Workload Analytics:

IAM role selection

When providing IAM instance profiles or IAM roles required for environment's Logs Storage and Audits and Data Access configuration, you can now select from available instance profiles and roles instead of manually providing IAM role ARNs.