Creating a CDP credential

After you create a storage account and container in Azure, you need to create a CDP credential.

Before proceeding with this task, open the Azure shell in the Azure Portal.
  1. In CDP, select Environments.
  2. Click the Shared Resources link at the top of the Environments screen.
  3. Click the Credentials link in the left sub-navigation area.
  4. Click the Create Credential button.
  5. Click the Azure tab.
  6. Run the commands listed on the input pane in the Azure shell.
    1. Follow the instructions for the first command.
      This command allows you to identify your subscription and tenant ID. The command output is JSON text that lists the different subscriptions to which you have access.
    2. Find the subscription that was used to create the Storage Account you created and use that information to create the CDP Credential.
    3. For the second command, instead of using the command listed on the screen, use the following:
      az ad sp create-for-rbac --name http://<name> --role "Storage 
      Blob Data Contributor" --scopes 
      The name for the service principal can be any arbitrary name. For convenience sake, we recommend using the storage account name.
      The instructions listed on the CDP credential screen grant more permissions than is necessary for archiving audit information.
  7. Save the App ID and password from the command output to enter in the Credential creation screen.