May 12, 2022

This release of the Management Console service introduces the following changes:

Cloudera Runtime 7.2.15

Cloudera Runtime 7.2.15 is now available and can be used for registering an environment with a 7.2.15 Data Lake and creating Data Hub clusters. For more information about the new Runtime version, see Cloudera Runtime. For all supported CDP Public Cloud Runtime versions, see Supported Cloudera Runtime and Cloudera Manager versions. If you need to upgrade your existing CDP environment, refer to Data Lake upgrade and Data Hub upgrade documentation.

Support for Replication Manager in ap-1 and eu-1 regional Control Planes

Cloudera Replication Manager is now supported in the ap-1 (Australia) and eu-1 (Germany) regional Control Planes. For the list of all supported services for all supported Control Plane regions, see CDP Control Plane regions.